01    Are you a CPA company?

Non-CPA: No, We are certified bookkeeper's that help business owners with bookkeeping, payroll management, cash flow management, financial advisement, tax preparation/strategies, and help business owners grow their business.


 02    What guarantees the work Salter Elite perform with their customers?

We guarantee proper management of Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables. Your time is the most important to us, we are passionate about building relationships with our customers.  We will work hard forecasting projects, preparing financial statements, business plan preparation, and much more.


 03    What is the average turn over setting up a project?

Setting up a project determine what will be done and by whom. Some short terms projects should only take a few days no longer than a few weeks. Long-term projects may be as long as months or even years depending on the workflow, changes may occur, and if the business has enough funds to complete the project.


 04    What experience does the business owner have?

The business owner has a sound understanding of financial concepts, able to read financial statements, comfortable speaking with bankers/project managers/other major key players.  The owner work as a consultant providing a financial audit of financial statements, small/large projects, benchmarking businesses, provide tax advantages, and assist with other alternatives to help their businesses to grow.


 05    Can you help businesses in trouble? And what would you do to resolve it?

Absolutely, determines how small or big the problem is. First, with any business, Salter Elite Consulting will perform an internal audit of the business. Secondly, identify and research anomalies in the sales, cost of sales, and expense accounts. Third, I review each account balance to see if there a need for improvements.